App Portfolio

The latest and not so latest apps created by Forefront Systems currently available at the Apple App Store.

Timelapse Calc Version 1.0
February 2021

Timelapse Calc takes care of the mental mathematical gymnastics needed to answer the question:

“I want to compress 12 hours of real time into 4 minutes of viewing time played back at 24 frames per second.

What frame rate do I need to use?”

Distance to Sound

Distance to Sound for the iPhone lets you estimate the distance between an event and your location. By measuring the time it takes for the sound the event to reach you a rough estimate of the distance between you and it can be calculated.

Bail Out Sounds

Finding a polite excuse to end a phone conversation with a telemarketer or a friend often presents certain … diplomatic challenges. Why not create a fictitious event instead. “Hey Jim. While I’d love to spend the rest of the day talking about fresh vs sea water molluscs it looks like the tornado alarm just went off. Sorry, I gotta bail out.” Bail out Sounds, one of our legacy apps, might be just this thing you need.

Font Clock 1.0

Font Clock, one of our legacy apps, displays the time and date in a retro flip-clock style using any of the 100+ fonts available on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch Speed

Launch Speed, one of our legacy apps, lets you convert speeds commonly tossed around in the space industry into something a bit more understandable to us human beings. 1,000 meters per second sounds real fast but just how fast is that in miles per hour?

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