Distance To Sound App Feature Complete

Our latest iOS app that uses the speed of sound to estimate distance.

Version 1.0

While lightning storms are rare on the West Coast of North America when they do appear two questions about the storm perpetually pop into my head. First, how far away was that lightning strike that just lit up the sky? Second, is the storm approach or receding?

To answer these questions, and to take the latest version of Apple’s new SwiftUI development paradigm out for a spin, we’ve created the ‘Distance to Sound’ app.

Features of the app:

  • A simple 2-tap interface to start and stop the measurement of the distance between you and a remote event. Wait for the flash of light, tap to start the measurement, wait for the sound from the event to arrive then tap to stop.
  • Deliver a slick and intuitive animated interface that works on the latest Apple iPhones (iPhone 8 and up).
  • Full support for dark mode.
  • Quick and easy updates to your local temperature to help refine the speed of sound used to calculate the distance between you and the event.

Published by Douglas J Farmer

I'm a freelance developer of Apple ecosystem apps including the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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