Xc Fonts 1.0

Forefront Systems Inc. is excited to announce the release of a new tool for iOS mobile app developers – Xc Fonts 1.0. Xc (for Xcode) Fonts is a lightweight tool developed using the latest version of Apple’s new SwiftUI programming paradigm and provides mobile and web app developers with quick and easy access to theContinue reading “Xc Fonts 1.0”

Xcode’s View Hierarchy Viewer

One of the niftier components of the Xcode development environment is the view hierarchy viewer. While running your app in the simulator of your choice you can, in real-time, generate a 3D view of all of the views, sub views, sub sub views, … well you get the picture … of the apps currently executingContinue reading “Xcode’s View Hierarchy Viewer”

Distance To Sound App Feature Complete

Our latest iOS app that uses the speed of sound to estimate distance. Version 1.0 While lightning storms are rare on the West Coast of North America when they do appear two questions about the storm perpetually pop into my head. First, how far away was that lightning strike that just lit up the sky?Continue reading “Distance To Sound App Feature Complete”

Welcome to Forefront Systems’ Website

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein Welcome to the Forefront Systems Inc. website. Forefront Systems was created in the spring of 1995 to deliver forward thinking solutions to businesses and various provincial government organizations in British Columbia Canada. It was, and still is, based on the convictionContinue reading “Welcome to Forefront Systems’ Website”