AI and Software Development – Part 6

I’ll be honest. I both love and hate technical documentation. In the love camp, technical documentation is as precious as gold if I have to fix or enhance a legacy application that someone created before me. And the gold is not just the details but often the unwritten words between the sentences. The subtle toneContinue reading “AI and Software Development – Part 6”

AI and Software Development – Part 5

As I reached the end of the ChaptGPT 4 generated press release announcing I’d hired ChatGPT itself as Forefront System Inc.’s (FSI) first employee, I noticed an empty section where the AI was suggesting my company logo should be added. Logo? We don’t need no stinkin’ logos! I incorporated FSI in 1995, twenty-eight years ago,Continue reading “AI and Software Development – Part 5”

AI and Software Development – Part 4

Hiring is one of the most challenging parts of running a company. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI (the creators of ChatGPT) says he spends a third of his time searching for the right fit. Hiring an AI on the other hand is far simpler. Especially one that shows great potential. Time then to hire ChatGPTContinue reading “AI and Software Development – Part 4”

AI and Software Development – Part 3.2

At this point in this experiment I’m feeling the dawn of that magical mental state we developers slip into – flow. The external world is now just a whispering distraction as my mind begins to focus itself on just the journey ahead. My sense of time simulataneousy expands and contracts as both the left andContinue reading “AI and Software Development – Part 3.2”

AI and Software Development – Part 3.1

Time to see what the fuss about AI and software development is all about. Let’s get to it! I connect to ChatGPT via my browser, start a new chat, select the GPT-4 model from the dropdown list at the top of the empty page and describe, in basic terms the application I would like ChatGPTContinue reading “AI and Software Development – Part 3.1”

AI and Software Development – Part 2

A fun feature of SwiftUI is the ability to create progress indicators beyond the old-school left-to-right thin rectangle. Yawn. Rectangles are so 20th-century. Users today expect something big, bold and beautiful and circular progress meters fill that UX element nicely. I also like to practice my software skills in creating digital clocks. I guess it’sContinue reading “AI and Software Development – Part 2”

AI and Software Development – Part 1

On August 31, 2017, while most of us were looking forward the arrival of the dog days of summer, the most fundamental advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) slipped onto the Internet and under the radar of nearly everyone. On that sleepy Thursday, Google published a white paper with the academic title Transformer: A Novel NeuralContinue reading “AI and Software Development – Part 1”