Launch Speed 2.0 Released

Forefront Systems Inc. is happy to announce the release of a new version of Launch Speed for Apple iPhones, iPads and Apple M1 chip equipped Macs.

Click to Download Launch Speed 2.0

Launch Speed 2.0 is a complete rewrite of Launch Speed 1 that I released in 2015 and reduced thousands of lines of Objective-C code down to a few hundred lines of Apple’s new SwiftUI programming language. As an added challenge the application features my first attempt at the up and coming Neumorphism interface design.

I’ve been a fan of space exploration for decades and thanks to the amazing launch coverage now available via the Internet I hardly ever miss a chance to watch a rocket blast off into space. However during most launches the commentators more often than not describe the flight of the rocket in speeds that made little real world sense to me.

1,000 meters per second sure sounds fast but just how fast, in km/hr is it? And while the calculation to convert a speed measured in m/s to km/hr is pretty straight forward it’s also tedious and one that by the time I figured out the answer the rocket had often accelerated to twice the speed I’d started converting. Grumble. I needed something faster to give me the answer and wrote Launch Speed to solve this problem.

The app supports converting between 12 different speeds including a few outrageous ones like the speed at which Earth orbits our sun and how fast our solar system orbits our galactic core.

In an upcoming series of articles I’ll cover my experiences as an Objective-C developer in making the jump to Swift and then as a Swift developer making the leap to SwiftUI. As well I plan to cover my thoughts on creating an application with the neumorphic look and feel.

Click Here to Download

If you use an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 or higher are are lucky enough to own one of those amazing Apple M1 chip based Macs running macOS 11.0 or later you can now download the new version of Launch Speed directly from the Apple App Store.

A great deal at $.99 US or $1.39 CDN.

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I'm a freelance developer of Apple ecosystem apps including the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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