Xcode’s View Hierarchy Viewer

One of the niftier components of the Xcode development environment is the view hierarchy viewer. While running your app in the simulator of your choice you can, in real-time, generate a 3D view of all of the views, sub views, sub sub views, … well you get the picture … of the apps currently executing view hierarchy.

It’s a cool feature but one that, apart from the rush of ‘wow that’s cool!!’ that it delivers I’ve yet to actually use it while debugging an app. I also have the feeling that if I ever have a bug in my app that needs a debugging interface of the complexity of something that I’d expect to find on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise me and my app would be in serious trouble.

I’m sure with enough time, testing and fiddling with it I’ll learn that Xcode’s view hierarchy viewer fits within the category of Something Incredibly Helpful but at my current level of expertise with SwiftUI it feels instead that I’ve been given an epic weapon as a first level player in a game of Star Wars 5E Dungeons and Dragons. According to the game master the weapon is incredible and it’s up to me to learn just how incredible it is.

Published by Douglas J Farmer

I'm a freelance developer of Apple ecosystem apps including the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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