Xc Fonts 1.0

Forefront Systems Inc. is excited to announce the release of a new tool for iOS mobile app developers – Xc Fonts 1.0.

Xc (for Xcode) Fonts is a lightweight tool developed using the latest version of Apple’s new SwiftUI programming paradigm and provides mobile and web app developers with quick and easy access to the hundreds of fonts and thousands of characters bundle into the iOS operating system.

The app automatically interrogates iOS for the currently supported font families and their associated fonts which the user can then quickly drill down to view the complete character list, the Unicode values used to display the characters and a zoom in feature that displays a larger view of a specific character.

As an added bonus the app expands on the native Apple Symbols font to display in detail the 45 hidden fonts not available in Apple’s native font viewer applications.

This first release is just the beginning with the 1.1 release already in development which is expected to ship early summer of 2022.

It’s hoped that this tool will inspire other iOS app developers to add that extra bit of artistic and font flair to their applications.

You can download Xc Fonts here.

Published by Douglas J Farmer

I'm a freelance developer of Apple ecosystem apps including the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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