AI and Software Development – Part 5

As I reached the end of the ChaptGPT 4 generated press release announcing I’d hired ChatGPT itself as Forefront System Inc.’s (FSI) first employee, I noticed an empty section where the AI was suggesting my company logo should be added. Logo? We don’t need no stinkin’ logos!

I incorporated FSI in 1995, twenty-eight years ago, and I never considered branding the company with a distinct look and feel. In 1995 and the following decades, the cost of creating a logo didn’t seem justifiable, given that I was a word-of-mouth-driven business. In addition, most of my work came through other contracting companies, so my marketing needs were nonexistent.

But, a few months ago, I tripped down the AI art rabbit hole and discovered Midjourney. As a professional nature photographer (my other life), I was both entranced and petrified in the same way that learning that ChatGPT 4 could generate SwiftUI code had caused.

Time to brand Forefront Systems with an AI-generated logo.

Thirty seconds later I prompted Midjourney version 5 with:

/imagine logo for a company called Forefront Systems Incorporated in the style of the ChatGPT logo --v 5

Hmm. Maybe for the companies thirtieth anniversary I should order a set of business cards and a coffee mug or two with the logo. 🙂

Published by Douglas J Farmer

I'm a freelance developer of Apple ecosystem apps including the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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